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Out of curiosity, do any of you guys come from a medical background and got a MPH? If so, what doors has it opened and what type of job are you in now?

I'm an RN, but I've been playing with the idea of getting my MPH.

Sexual/relationship health in popular film

I always thought it would be an interesting project to do an audit of popular films that portray sex and intimacy and whether it sets good or poor examples for viewers (especially youth if that is the target audience) in terms of protection against pregnancy and STIs as well as consent and respect.

For example, the movie Knocked Up, as much as I love that movie, has a lot of "don'ts": as in, don't have sex with a stranger when you're wasted; don't assume your partner is using birth control/a condom; don't forget that if you were able to get pregnant, you were also at risk for contracting an STI; don't buy into dumb myths like "you can't get her pregnant if she's on top."

Tonight, I was watching Booty Call (with Jamie Foxx) and was impressed by how the female characters insisted on condoms and dental dams before engaging in the eponymous booty call with their partners. It would have been better if they had had protection of their own instead of relying on the men to provide protection, but I am glad that the subject of HIV/STIs was a real concern to the characters (the characters in Knocked Up didn't seem at all concerned).

Just for fun, comment with movies that are popular among youth/young adults (or were when they were originally released) that set good and/or poor examples of sexual and relationship health, and explain your choices.


Hi, I was wondering if you had any advice for me about what concentration to go into?

I'm interested in environmental, biostats isn't bad, and I might like epi.

How hard is it to get a job in these fields?

Health Community

Just wanted to invite you all to health_ontd - a new healthy living community for sharing ideas and resources to improve your personal wellness. All members are welcome to post and/or comment.

Greetings to the Public Health community members!

Earlier this spring I posted a request here to recruit participants for my graduate research on effects of message framing on vaccination behavior.  The response was great and some members requested to share the results.  I truly appreciate your participation and help in marketing the study.  Including your contribution I got nearly 600 participants for my field experiment that was masked as an online survey.    The dissertation was successfully defended, degree conferred and furthermore the presentation submission accepted for the annual meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis this December.  Here is the link to the original document if anyone is interested how Prospect theory of Kahneman and Tversky applied to practice of health communication.  PDF dowloadable file on the bottom of the K-Rex page.  I mentioned Livejournal Public Health community in the procedure part on page 34.  Thank you for your input to this research.


Title: Effects of attribute framing and goal framing on vaccination behavior: examination of message content and issue involvement on attitudes, intentions and information seeking
Authors: Haydarov, Rustam
Publication Date: 2010
Graduation Month: May
Type: Thesis
Degree: Master of Science
Department: Department of Journalism and Mass Communications
Major Professor: Joye C. Gordon
Keywords: Goal Framing
Attribute Framing
Vaccination Behavior
Health Information Seeking
Health Communication
Abstract: This experimental research adopts a typology of frames by Levin, Gaeth, and Schneider (1998) and seeks to a) determine what combination of attribute and goal frames produces the strongest effect on vaccination behavior; b) ascertain to what extent personal relevance of vaccination moderates this framing effect; and c) explore how individual pre-existing characteristics, such as recent vaccination history, vaccine risk perception, vaccine dread, and general attitude toward vaccination influence the persuasive power of framed messages. The study, designed as field experiment 2 (+/- attribute frame) x 2 (+/- goal frame) x 2(involvement), recruited 476 adult female participants that were exposed online to four experimental framing manipulations and a control condition. The main effect is consistent with the typology of frames — the combination of the positive attribute and the negative goal frame was the only condition that was significantly more persuasive than the control condition. Participants who had children or were pregnant, for whom vaccination was more relevant and meaningful, have not reacted to message framing differently. However, general pre-existing attitudes towards vaccines, perception of vaccine safety, perception of vaccine efficacy, vaccine dread, and vicarious experience with vaccine side effects, appear to be associated with antecedents of vaccination behavior. Overall, this study has focused on ecological validity,aiming at the applicability of framing theory in the context of health communication.

Boyfriend, possibly husband's job

*Poofing* for privacy - thanks for the answers, all!

job market

how are you all finding the job market right now and/or for soon to be graduates from a MPH program. I am focusing on Environmental Health. any luck? thanks everyone and stay healthy!

Abroad for an MPH

Hi everyone! I am starting the application process soon for my MPH, to start next fall 2011. I am very interested in going abroad for an MPH, but there seems to be a paucity of information regarding public health schools not in the United States. I am interested in epidemiology particularly, and I know about the program at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Are there any others I should be looking at? Additionally, what are the chances of leaving the states if I end up doing my MPH here? Is it difficult to find an Epi position that will send me abroad?


how does one go about volunteering at a health center/health department/any area that focuses on public health? what are some things that they may have you do? i would like to volunteer while i am working on my degree so at least i can say i have some "experience".

i am working on my public health degree (MPH) online it is really my only option right now. how do you think employers will view a MPH from an online school. the school is accredited regionally and nationally. my concentration is going to be in environmental health. thank you all so much!


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