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Public Health Community

Core Functions: Assess, Policy Development, and Assure

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This is a community for those people interested in public health, epidemiology, medical anthropology, and medicine. Here is a place where public health news, events, and talk can be exchanged. Public health professionals who work at the CDC or NIH are especially welcome!

This community is maintained by winterthunder

NOTE: This is not the best community to post to for advice about current health problems you might be experiencing. There are many support groups on LiveJournal that address specific diseases and health conditions--and they would be better forums for getting personal health feedback.

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Some of my favorite sites:

Harvard World Health News, http://www.worldhealthnews.harvard.edu/

Center for Disease Control (CDC), http://www.cdc.gov

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), http://www.paho.org/

Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH), http://www.asph.org/

Public Health Definition


The science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health and efficiency through organized community effort. Winslow, 1920 (Institute of Medicine, 1988)

Fullfilling society’s interest in assuring conditions in which people can be healthy. Institute of Medicine Report, 1988

A collective effort to identify and address the unacceptable realities that result in preventable and avoidable health outcomes, and it is the composite of efforts and activities that are carried out by people committed to these ends. Turnock, 1997

Three major functions of public health as identified by the Institute of Medicine:
(Institute of Medicine, 1988)

Assessment: assessment and monitoring of the health of communities and populations at risk to identify health problems and priorities

Policy development: formulating public policies, in collaboration with community and government leaders, designed to solve identified local and national health problems and priorities

Assurance: assuring that all populations have access to appropriate and cost-effective care, including health promotion and disease prevention services, and evaluation of the effectiveness of that care

Epidemiology is the tool used to assess the health of a population.

"Epidemiology may be defined as the study of the distribution and determinants of disease and injuries in human populations ... epidemiology is concerned with the frequencies and types of illnesses and injuries in groups of people and with the factors that influence their distribution." - Mausner and Kramer, 1985

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